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Welcome to the City of Hilliard Ohio Economic Development Site

In addition to an excellent location, pro-business attitude and substantial investments in infrastructure access and community aesthetics the City can provide a variety of financial and non-financial incentives to induce a business' selection of Hilliard.

The City, through its Economic Development Director, evaluates each project on its own merits to determine if an offer of economic incentives is extended and the amount and terms of the offer. Typically, once a determination is made to offer an incentive package the Director will negotiate an incentive package with the business tailored to its unique needs. The key factors evaluated by the Director include the business' quality of payroll, growth prospects, compatibility within the community, level of investment and commitment.

The Ohio Department of Development also provides a variety of resources and incentive programs.

More Information

For more information or to discuss a specific project, contact:

David S. Meeks
Economic Development Director
City of Hilliard
Direct: 614.334.2357
Mobile: 614.604.4647


Columbus Monthly Magazine, Suburban Section,

“Thanks to infrastructure improvements, available land and a business-friendly approach, Hilliard is attracting companies looking for room to grow”

“Hilliard is the last greater Columbus suburb with substantial developable greenfield commercial real estate fronting Interstate 270. What's more, there's still significant acreage beyond the I-270 gateway”

The City of Hilliard